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Top conditions,
easy processing

Top conditions,
easy processing

We support you with leasing & financing solutions
for optimal patient care.




Innovation for your practice/clinic

Increase investment flexibility with LeaseForce

Technology innovation, the refinement of procedures and processes and the Internet are driving forces in the highly competitive medical sector. Today, medical practices and clinics have to face more and more competition, while increasing digitalisation is shortening product cycles in medical technology. As a result, the overall cost pressure in the healthcare sector is increasing.

Nowadays, the visual and technical state of a medical practice or clinic is an important selection criterion for patients when choosing their preferred practice or clinic. Both therefore need one thing above all: affordable and timely access to innovation. Alongside this, the traditional “ownership” of practice inventory and technology is becoming less and less important. This combination has led to a clear rise in the flexible rental utilisation of medical technology, as is the case with leasing. Leasing is meanwhile an integral part of the financing mix in medical practices and clinics.

In addition, it is a convenient way to use medical equipment immediately and without high initial costs. You neither tie up equity nor do you finance the entire object. Instead, you only pay for the use and therefore usually have more favourable instalments than it would be the case with a loan, for example. Furthermore, you protect your equity and thus improve your rating with your bank while being able to deduct the monthly leasing instalments from your tax bill.

At the end of the term, you decide whether you want to keep the device or replace it with an updated system. This process gives you complete freedom of choice, as we provide financing independently of manufacturers and banks.

In line with the principle “pay as you use…pay as you earn”, you can use your investment risk-free and finance the instalments from your monthly practice/clinic earnings. The instalment that applies to you from the start of the contract is guaranteed for the entire leasing period. Interest rate increases or rating changes do not affect your leasing instalment from this point onwards. This means you can plan with fixed costs and have a safe calculation base for your practice/clinic.

Whatever the brand or manufacturer, we will finance the desired vehicle and will be happy to prepare a customised leasing or EasyKauf offer tailored to your personal requirements. Benefit from our flexible contract and instalment models, favourable conditions, and fair and clear contractual agreements.

We provide highly customised financing solutions in specialist markets and offer conditions that will make you feel comfortable and secure. We believe in fairness and partnerships. With us, you get clear agreements, transparent calculations, unambiguous regulations and an end to the contract without surprises.

Your advantages at a glance

Financial freedom

by conserving your equity capital


High degree of customisation

tailor-made terms, instalments & conditions


Maximum flexibility

due to independence from banks & manufacturers


Optimum plannability

down payment, leasing instalment & term are fixed from the start


Tax benefits for you

leasing instalments are tax deductible


Pleasant cooperation

thanks to a reliable, transparent & fair partnership


Always up to date

& at the cutting edge of technology


More leeway

instead of high purchase costs, favourable monthly instalments


Personalised support

through direct advisors & contact persons

We create financial freedom

Your flexible financing partner

for medical technology in practices and clinics

How it works


You have found the desired object online or at a dealer and are looking for a leasing or EasyKauf offer. Just send us the offer for your desired object/equipment.


Allow us to show you leasing and financing options so you can find the perfect fit. Our solutions are tailored to your needs and will make you feel comfortable and secure.


Once the leasing/financing contract has been concluded, we acquire your desired object/equipment. Within a short period of time, we make it possible for you to use the desired product at predictable and customised leasing or EasyKauf conditions.