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Lease medical technology
the easy way

Lease medical technology
the easy way

...simple, fast & transparent

LeaseForce Medical Technology Leasing

Your specialist for medical technology:
Leasing & EasyKauf...

in all areas of medicine:

Human medicine

Dental medicine

Veterinary medicine

Get ready for your
practice/clinic of the future!

The choice is yours: leasing solutions for new, demo and used equipment.

More leeway for innovation: flexible contract, instalment and leasing models with attractive conditions.

It is your preference that counts: Our financing solutions are manufacturer- and dealer-independent.

It fits: Fair & clear agreements that make you feel good, safe & comfortable.

One-stop source: medical technology leasing from A to Z for all specialist areas & disciplines.

Expandable & flexible: Financing of all equipment & furnishings for practices, clinics, laboratories & studios.

Special personal touch: A dedicated contact person with whom the financing process runs smoothly.

Faster than expected: With short-term commitments & unbureaucratic support, the desired devices can be used quickly.

A dream start for practice founders
Become fit-for-practice

You have the choice of leasing solutions for new, demo and used equipment.

Special leasing solutions for practice start-ups & takeovers.

Comprehensive advice from your personal leasing advisor.

Flexible contract & instalment models.

Favourable conditions.

The choice is yours: medical technology from A to Z, for all manufacturers, models and specialisations.

Attractive financing solutions for both new and used appliances.

Leasing beyond medical technology:
Set up your practice completely with us.

Fast commitments, easy processing & unbureaucratic support.

We are your partner

Leasing / EasyKauf for new and used medical devices

for medical technology leasing in practices and clinics

Innovation for practice & clinic

Leasing focal points at a glance

High-tech diagnostics

Whether you require an ultrasound device, endoscope, X-ray system, ECG, EMG, EEG, audiometer, urodynamics, eye test device ... It's easy with us: you simply select the device of your choice and together we will bring your financing to the finish line.

Implementing innovation in practice as of today.
LeaseForce medical technology leasing.

High-tech treatment

Do you wish to increase your range of treatments by adding innovative medical technology? Simply lease your innovation with us. Whatever you need - ventilator, treatment unit (eye, ENT, dental) or high-tech (laser, shockwaves, cryotherapy and electrotherapy devices) ─ we are happy to support you.

Medical technology always up to date.
We finance your treatment success.

Practice equipment

From analysers to dental chairs ─ we offer financing solutions for everything you need for your practice and clinic.

Leasing for new and used equipment.
Manufacturer-independent. Flexible. Fair.

High-tech hygiene

Improve safety levels for your practice and patients. We finance the hygiene technology you need. Whether you need a disinfector, steriliser, film sealer, cleaning-, validation- or documentation-system - we can provide you with all-round clean solutions!

It's nice when the financing solutions fit perfectly.
LeaseForce medical technology leasing.

High-tech laboratory

No matter whether you need an analyser, microscope, laboratory bench, shaker, centrifuge, cooling unit ... Benefit from prompt responses, fast decision-making processes and quick commitments. With us, you are already starting the future of your laboratory.

Medical technology leasing for laboratory requirements.
All technologies. All manufacturers. All models.

Your tools of the trade

We cover all your practice, clinic and laboratory requirements, including consumables such as your surgical instruments. Feel free to ask us about unusual leasing solutions.

Leasing, as individual as your requirements.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Emergency vehicles and cars

Finance the vehicle of your dreams for commercial and business use with us.

New and used car leasing for doctors.
All brands, models and vehicle classes.

Information technology & communication devices for doctors

Optimise and accelerate your technical workflow: high-quality displays, servers, tablets, storages, patient communication systems - the choice is yours ...

Work with us to optimise your data management.
Invest in your technological edge with us.

Your wishes and requirements

Are you looking for a partner who understands your goals and visions? Feel free to contact us and introduce us to your investment project. Together we will find a convenient solution.

We are focussed on your wishes.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Leasing for your desired projects!

We accompany you from the initial consultation
to the successful handover
of your dream device or dream vehicle.

We are number 1 for doctors ..
... because doctors are number 1 for us.

Our values lay the foundation for long-term customer relationships with content doctors.

Relax and lean back

Benefit from ...

... precise agreements
... transparent calculations
.. clear regulations.

Medical technology leasing that you feel comfortable and safe with.

Feel-good service instead of handling fees

Count on our administration,
even without paying extra fees.

Handling charges?
Not with us.

Harmony instead of conflicts

Contractual relationships with our customers start and end by mutual agreement:

Tacit contract extensions and nasty surprises at the end of a contract are not part of our programme.

Thomas Brandl

Thomas Brandl has been a major player in the Healthcare & Finance sector for two decades - and has done so every day with great commitment and enthusiasm.

Doctors appreciate his fairness in providing advice and his expertise in developing customised leasing solutions.

During his career, Thomas Brandl has already helped several thousand doctors get their dream devices and supported numerous doctors in setting up or taking over their practices.

Do you need an independent, professional leasing and financing consultant at your side?

Please feel free to contact Thomas Brandl directly: